Guitar Chord Progression #1


First chord progression of the new site! I especially like the opening chord in this sequence (Dadd6/9) because it has that lush, dreamy feel you can play around with forever. Open chords are great for getting that vibrant, “big” sound out of your rhythm guitar, so try spicing up those open position chords you learn as a beginner.

Follow the sequence of chords (or you can mix them up if you like):

D added 6 and 9 (Dadd6/9)

D added 6 and 9 (Dadd6/9) open chord

A minor 7 (Am7) open chord

A minor 7 (Am7) open chord

C add 9 flat 5 (Cadd9b5)

C add 9 flat 5 (Cadd9b5) open chord

E minor 9 (Em9) open chord

E minor 9 (Em9) open chord


Ideas for this chord progression:

  • Mix up the chord sequence and change or add chords to it.
  • Try alternating the E minor chord with a G major chord.
  • Try adding extra notes/fingers to the A minor chord.

Any other ideas? Let us know – leave a comment below.


5 Responses to Guitar Chord Progression #1

  1. GreenAsJade says:

    Great idea for a site, nice starting progression.

    I actually am liking it with the last two chords having
    the D string fretted a semitone higher. I have no idea what this makes the chords!

  2. fretjam says:

    Cheers man!

    Nice ideas – the D string a semitone higher would provide another 5th (G) for the Cadd9 chord (sharpening/removing the flat 5th tone). For the E minor chord it would provide a lower voiced minor 3rd (again, G), removing the 9th and making it an Em7 chord. Cadd9, Em7.

    I really like the sound of that doubled up G note in this idea. It drones (in a good way!) through those last two chords quite beautifully.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Mike,

    Great idea for a website!

    Your Fret Jam lessons are wicked as well
    I like learning the theory of music and especially
    when it’s explained in an easy way.

    This site will be awesome for getting ideas going!


  4. hagios says:

    the best i have come across.

  5. Arminas says:

    Hey, awesome site. I am now trying to memorize all strings relationship. Like when root is on D string, B string is 6 note of major scale, or when you A chord where exactly is 1 3 5, and etc.

    Using this site I am am able to learn those things much easier. I take every chord progression, analyze every chord, try to change or expand them and get really familiar.

    Not only learning theory is more interesting, but I also expand my chord library with fancy chords πŸ™‚

    Also, if you add 2 finger on B string in 3rd fret, you could get Dadd9 chord. O don’t really used add9 chord, so maybe I just found standart chord shape πŸ™‚

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