It’s quite simple. First, number your fret hand fingers as follows…

Finger Numbers

Then, apply your fingers in the positions shown on the chord diagrams. The diagrams include the string tunings, with the highest/skinniest string represented by a lower case letter. E.g. for standard tuning…

Chord Diagram

If you see a X symbolsymbol where a string letter would be, that means don’t play that string.

To accompany each chord sequence, there’s an mp3 audio clip. These clips don’t tell you what rhythm to use when playing the chord progression – that’s up to you! It simply lays out the sequence of chords as they appear in the diagrams. You can pick them, strum them, add to them, modify them, make them your own etc.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you can find some inspiration for writing your own songs on guitar!

Go to the Latest Chord Progression >

Need more help? Let me know by commenting below…


3 Responses to Help

  1. edward martell says:

    which will be a 4 chord sequence for harmonic minor
    and for melodic minor. thanks

  2. edward martell says:

    thank you for your site.

  3. fretjam says:

    Hi edward, harmonic minor progression here! Comment with any more questions on that post. Cheers.

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