Guitar Chord Progression #17

We’re in Open D Tuning for this one.

A simple, two chord phrase that gives you some really beautiful voicings that wouldn’t be attainable in standard tuning. At the core is a chromatic/semitone movement between minor and major which I always feel has a certain psychedelic quality, especially if it’s extended to 7th/9th chords.

B minor 7 (Bm7)

B minor 7 (Bm7)

B flat 9 (Bb9)

B flat 9 (Bb9)

The final chord you hear is just the 6 open strings (and you shouldn’t feel “lazy” about occasionally making use of this vibrant convenience!).

If you’re playing electric, whack on the distortion and you’ve got that nimble drop D powerchord fingering at your disposal, which makes this tuning a good combo for your more arty, melodic rock and metal.

Have fun!


2 Responses to Guitar Chord Progression #17

  1. rick says:

    cool though I can only play one guitar tuning from the regular to the the D is a hassle

  2. fretjam says:

    It’s best not to see it as a hassle because it really can give you more options when writing songs. Once you’ve tuned to open D a few times you’ll be able to tune quicker and it won’t be so much of a big deal. What I tend to do is spend a week or so in one tuning then switch.

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